Always proud to serve, NET 25 continues in its efforts to deliver relevant news that will help the community as we go about our daily lives in this fast-paced world.

Aware that not everyone has the time or the opportunity to watch television or listen to the radio, NET 25 launched its news website,

With its global reach, boasting of many news contributors, both in the Philippines and abroad, will serve as your online gateway to the latest news, not only here in our country, but around the globe as well. makes sure that we are informed of the current issues that each member of the community must know, from national to international, as well as those falling under public affairs, business, entertainment, lifestyle and sports.

It also gives us access to the various TV and radio programs of NET 25 and Radyo Agila.

Through its online livestreaming, we can now watch our favorite NET 25 shows as well as listen to our favorite Radyo Agila programmes, wherever we are and whenever we like it.

With, we ensure that our community is always prepared to face the day!