Diskusyon – “Outstanding Television Program” and Ely Saludar – “Outstanding Television Anchor” – VACC

Eagle News Service is always committed to provide the proper forum for the intelligent discussion of the important issues that affect our society. Hosted by veteran news anchor, Ely Saludar, ‘Diskusyon’ gives the Filipino people new perspectives on the popular issues that is tackled by our nation.

In recognition to this exemplary public service, the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption awarded “Diskusyon” as this year’s ‘Outstanding Television Program” and its host, Ely Saludar as “Outstanding Television Anchor”.
To “Diskusyon” and Ely Saludar, congratulations! Your EBC family is proud of you!

Davey Langit won 1ST RUNNER UP in PHIL POP 2015




“Paratingin Mo Na Sya” sure is a hit song and our celebrity DJ Davey Langit sure did great!
For one of the rising songwriting talents in the country, congratulations Davey Langit from your EBC family!

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation – Home of Award-Winning Talents

QUEZON City, Philippines – (Eagle News Service, July 13) As we past the halfway point of 2015, several talents of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation prove their mettle as they win honors and awards.

Young rapper Aikee gained fame early in his childhood. His famous hit “DOTA o Ako”, about the dilemma faced by a girl whose loved would rather play online games than spend time with her reached gold record this year, with a sale of 74, 000 album units. Aikee is also a celebrity DJ at Pinas FM 95.5.
Talented singer-songwriter Davey Langit proves his hit-making prowess once again when he became a finalist at PPOP 2015 with his latest opus “Paratingin Mo Na Siya”.
The host of NET 25’s family-friendly TV show, “Moments” also raked in a prestigious award. In an astounding show of acting prowess, Glady Reyes-Sommereux was honored as the Best Supporting Actress in the 38th Gawad Urian Awards.
Already considered an institution in the Philippine broadcasting industry, Ka Totoy Talastas remains a credible voice when it comes to wise social commentary. His continued service to the Filipino people was recognized when he received the 2015 Ulirang Ama Award for Media and Journalism.
 Ka Totoy
EBC will continue to strive to be the best in many different fields and bring family-friendly and quality content for the Filipino family.