Yes to progress!

Traversing the in’s and out’s of government processes and procedurescan be a bureaucratic nightmare for thosewho are not savvy enough.

With the aim of reducing red tape, Aprub is NET 25’s public service programthat features government agencies and their processes, helping viewersfast-track their government transactions.

Not only that, Aprub also provides a platform not only for governmentagencies but also for private organizations and entities to promote anddisseminate information to their target audience.

More importantly, Aprub takes the time to double-check on the governmentagencies and private organizations that it featured,ensuring that red tape is curbed.

Hosted by Ellaine Fuentes, Aprub is an inspiring program that provesthat with the proper attitude, we can fight red tapeand be the instruments of progress!

Aprub is now running on its fourth year and has been consistently awardedthe Anak TV Seal Award for promoting child-friendly and educational values.

Aprub also bagged the trophy for the Best Public Service Programin the KBP Golden Dove Awards. Its host, Ellaine Fuentes,bagged the award for the Best Public Service Program Host by the best award-giving body.

Aprub airs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30 to 6:00 in the afternoon.

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