Walang Take Two (No Second Take) in Fan Boy Film Festival

“There are no second takes,” is what Hapi, a frustrated film director, always hears from his father Mang Julian, a retired videographer. Together with his best friends, Caloy and Onyok, he searches for potential producers who will finance his movie script. Out of options, they borrow money from a known loan shark, Alfajor, only to be stolen by the mischievous Oblax.Struggling to fulfill his dreams, looking for ways to pay his debt, and with a struggling love life on the side, Hapi painfully learns that he has to be careful in his decisions before it is too late, because there are choices one might make in this life that can never be taken back – proving the wisdom behind his father’s usual quip that sometimes there are no second takes.

Hapi ang Buhay ngayong Sabado, 4pm sa NET 25!

Makikilala natin ang cute na puppy ni Estella!
At si Caloy, may hidden talent!
Huwag mawawala! Sama-sama tayong manood para HAPI ANG BUHAY ngayong Sabado!
4pm dito lamang sa NET 25! May replay din ng 9pm sa Linggo.

Hapi ang Buhay ngayong Sabado, 4pm dito lang sa NET 25!

Ang Basketball parang buhay natin yan! Ang bawat pagtalbog ng bola sa pagdri-drible, ay maihahalintulad natin sa mga problema, oo marami tayong pagdaraan pero kapag naka shoot ka at nalampasan mo ang kalaban, panalo ka! Kaya dapat laging Hapi ang Buhay.

Tara na’t makipaghugutan sa ating mga Ka-Barangay ng Barangay Basketball ng ating mga Ka-Hapi.
Bukas na ito (Part 1), 4pm at sa Linggo (Part 2) ng 9:00 p.m. Huwag ninyong palalampasin!

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation launches its newest sitcom: “Hapi Ang Buhay”

Hapi ang Buhay(Eagle News) — There’s a new sitcom to watch on Philippine television this coming Saturday, March 5 at NET 25.

It’s the hilarious “Hapi ang Buhay” which is written and directed by Carlo Jay Ortega Cuevas, who recently won as Best Director at the 2016 International Filmmaker Festival (IFF) of World Cinema in London.

“Hapi ang Buhay” is, in fact, a spinoff of INCinema’s first-ever full length film, “Walang Take Two” for which Cuevas bagged the best director of a foreign language feature film award. “Walang Take Two” was also nominated at the same London Filmfest for best comedy feature film.

These certainly are just two of the many reasons to watch “Hapi ang Buhay” on Saturday, March 5, at 4 p.m. on Net 25, the television channel of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

The sitcom will also be replayed on March 6, Sunday at 9 p.m.

“Hapi ang Buhay” resumes to narrate life in a usual urban Filipino community as the neighborhood encounters various timely social issues.

Hapi, played by John Stevenson Tabangay, is a starry-eyed aspiring filmmaker who continues his quest to fulfill his dreams.

Hapi ang Buhay-4Together with him are Onyok (played by Edward Flores) his levelheaded ally who tries to steer him into making rational decisions, and Caloy (played by Erbil Escaño), a loyal but carefree friend whose soaring overconfidence often puts him in precarious situations.

Also returning are Alfajor (Wilson Tapalla), the persistent loan shark, and the mischievous Oblax (Dennis Garcia).

Join them as they attempt to make sense of everything, while weaving through life’s hilarious side and picking up valuable lessons along the way.

The cast of “Hapi ang Buhay” – which comes from the movie “Walang Take Two” — consists of first-time actors and actresses whose acting skills were honed only through their participation in previous INCinema short film productions.

The INCinema films are among the projects of the INC to hone the cinematic talents of INC members who are interested in filmmaking, not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well.

The cast and those who worked behind the scenes — from its director, scriptwriter to the actors and actresses featured in the film — were in fact all winners in the previous EVM (Excellence in Visual Media) awards of various INCinema productions, which were held under the guidance of INC Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

Hapi ang Buhay is Eagle Broadcasting Corporation’s first-ever situational comedy.

This is also in line with its aim to entertain, and at the same time, educate the public with its line-up of programs.

Hapi ang Buhay-7“Hapi ang Buhay” is produced by EBC in partnership with INCinema productions that created the phenomenal hit comedy film, “Walang Take Two.” (Eagle News Service)

Rapper, host Aikee nominated in 2016 Philippine Popular Music Festival

"Nagbunga ang panata ko, sa dami po ng mahuhusay, malulupit at magagaling na manunulat ako po ay hamak lamang na kinahabagan ng Diyos na mapabilang sa TOP 12. Brader @iamdaveylangit maraming maraming salamat ikaw ang kinasangkapan. Mabuhay ka! Mabuhay ang OPM, Mabuhay ang PhilPop." - Aikee (Photo grabbed from Aikee's Facebook post)
“Nagbunga ang panata ko, sa dami po ng mahuhusay, malulupit at magagaling na manunulat ako po ay hamak lamang na kinahabagan ng Diyos na mapabilang sa TOP 12. Brader @iamdaveylangit maraming maraming salamat ikaw ang kinasangkapan. Mabuhay ka! Mabuhay ang OPM, Mabuhay ang PhilPop.” – Aikee (Photo grabbed from Aikee’s Facebook post)

QUEZON City, Philippines — “Dota o Ako” artist Aikee takes one of the twelve seats as a finalist for the incoming Philippine Popular (PhilPop) Music Festival 2016.

Aikee Aplacador, better known by his first name Aikee, ensured his chance for the much coveted P1 million cash grand prize in his composition “Pabili Po”. Aside from being a rapper, Aikee is also a radio DJ for Pinas FM 95.5 and one of the hosts for the morning show Pambansang Almusal.

Almost 2,000 participants submitted their masterpieces just for this year’s contest. The current Top 12 line-up is composed of newbies and veterans singer in the music industry.

PhilPop’s partner, Viva Entertainment will produce an album containing the songs of the 12 finalists, as well as they will provide interpreters, promotions and stage the grand finals night on July 23 at the Kia Theatre, Quezon City.

(Written by Rex Felix C. Salvador I, edited by Mary Rose Faith Bonalos )