A UK Visa is just Five steps away: UK Visas & Immigration launch New Video aimed at First time Visitors

MANILA – In order to reassure first time visitors to the UK that the visa process is straightforward, UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) has launched a new video to explain each step of the process – from filling out the form online, giving finger prints at the visa application centre, to receiving the visa.

The number of Filipino visitors coming to the UK continues to grow and in the year ending June 2015 UKVI issued 34,381 visit visas to Filipino nationals – a 15% increase on the previous 12 months.

British Ambassador Asif Ahmad said, “Our visa system is designed to make it as straightforward as possible for visitors to apply for their visas. The launch of this video is a further example of the improvements we are making to the visa service to make it quicker and easier for Filipino visitors to apply for a UK visa.”

“We already get around 34,000 Filipino visitors to the UK every year. And we want to see even more. Heritage and modern attractions, great shopping and food, all add up good memories of the UK to take back to the Philippines. Many use the opportunity to visit family and make new friends,” he added.

The UK has two Visa Application Centres in the Philippines and continues to make improvements to make the service more user-friendly. In February, UKVI introduced an optional 24 hour super priority visa service for customers who want a decision within a single working day. (Eagle News Service/British Embassy Manila)

Fast facts:

  •          In the year ending June 2015, the UK issued 57,275 visas to Filipino nationals, a 14% increase on the previous year. 90% of applicants were successful. During the same period the average processing time for a non-settlement visa was seven days.
  •          We are continuously improving the service we provide to our Filipino customers. We offer a number of other optional services for customers:
  •    An optional priority visa service which places an application to the front of the queue. We aim to process priority applications within three to five working days.
  •    A prime time service in Manila for customers who require an appointment outside of usual business hours.
  •    A passport pass-back service which enables customers to retain their passport while their visa is being processed.
  •          The Visa Application Centres in the Philippines are in Manila (Makati City) and Cebu.
  •          We strongly advise customers to leave 15 working days – our service standard – for a decision to be made. Our current visa processing times can be viewed online at:https://visa-processingtimes.homeoffice.gov.uk  
  •          Applicants should always check what visa they need before applying at –www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa

Turnover of Japan-Funded Farm inputs to farmers and fishers of Typhoon Yolanda Affected Areas

Keynote Speech by First Secretary Terada
Keynote Speech by First Secretary Terada

GUIUAN, EASTERN SAMAR – In simple rites held on September 24, 2015, Embassy of Japan’s First Secretary Kenji Terada, JICA’s Senior Representative Yuko Tanaka together with Guiuan SB of Committee on Agriculture Cornelio Sison, Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries Executive Director Ariel T. Cayanan, and around 500 beneficiaries, led the turnover ceremony for the “AKBay – Agrikultura: Kaagapay ng Bayang Pinoy (Agriculture: A Partner in Philippine Progress) Program Phase II” for Typhoon Yolanda-Affected Areas under the Japan Food Security Project for Underprivileged Farmers, (formerly known as the KR2 Program). Under Japan’s Official Development Assistance, the total fund support for this project is One Hundred Thirty Nine Million Nine Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P139,979,500.00).

This project aims to contribute to the Philippine Government’s recovery and rehabilitation efforts being provided to families in the agriculture and fishing communities in Typhoon Yolanda affected areas in Region VIII. It hopes to provide income-generating opportunities and help the displaced farmers and fishers re-establish their livelihood in areas where they were relocated. The Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries of the Department of Agriculture is implementing this project.

Around 8,500 farmer and fisher families are the project’s target beneficiaries from four (4) badly-hit provinces namely: Leyte, Eastern Samar, Biliran and Western Samar. Grant assistance of farming plant materials or fishing boats and paraphernalia worth P15,000 per farmer/fisher household with no repayment are the project components.


Turnover of boats and engines
Turnover of boats and engines


With beneficiaries
With beneficiaries

Guiuan is the first landed place of Typhoon Yolanda, so serious damages all over the municipality. During the turnover, fishing boats, boat engines, seeds, farm inputs and equipment were distributed to 1,020 identified fisher folks and farm households of the area who were victims of the typhoon. Those inputs will improve the source of livelihood of the local residents, and also assist in fishing and farming activities in Typhoon Yolanda Affected Areas. (Eagle News Service/Embassy of Japan)

Sign of the damage by Typhoon Yolanda
Sign of the damage by Typhoon Yolanda



Link: Ministry of Foreign Affairs  Typhoon Damage in the Central Philippines

Iglesia Ni Cristo is asking the Quezon City court to ban the entry of unknown and unauthorized individuals from entering the INC premises

The Iglesia Ni Cristo property at #36 T. Sora Avenue, in Quezon City. The INC has asked the QC court to issue an injunction against unauthorized individuals from entering the compound. (Eagle News Service)
The Iglesia Ni Cristo property at #36 T. Sora Avenue, in Quezon City. The INC has asked the QC court to issue an injunction against unauthorized individuals from entering the compound. (Eagle News Service)

(Eagle News) — The Iglesia Ni Cristo is asking the Quezon City court to ban the entry of unknown and unauthorized individuals from entering the INC premises at number 36 Tandang Sora, Avenue in Quezon City.

The petition for injunction was filed after several CCTV footages have shown unknown individuals wearing masks and bonnets freely entering the INC compound where Angel Manalo and Lottie Manalo-Hemedez –siblings of the INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo — are staying. The two have been expelled from the INC because of their previous moves that tended to sow disunity in the Church.

The CCTV videos that showed the masked and hooded individuals entering the INC compound were submitted as part of the evidence and basis of the INC for seeking an injunction from the Quezon City court on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

A lawyer for the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Atty. Serafin Cuevas Jr., explained that the goal of the injunction is to prevent the unauthorized entry of these unknown individuals, especially since the compound is still church property. The central offices of the Iglesia Ni Cristo are also near the place.

“They’re coming in and out with impunity so the Church Administration is worried about the security, about the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood, considering that they are not authorized to stay there, ” he said.

It was also learned that expelled INC minister Eliodoro “Joy” Yuson and Roel Rosal, including their families, were illegally staying in the INC compound.

Atty Cuevas clarified that the petition for injunction is not evicting Angel Manalo and Lottie Hemedez, and their families from the area, but only seeks to prevent the entry of unknown and unauthorized individuals to the INC property.

Tsunami Warning after 8.3 Rocks Central Chile


TSUNAMI WARNING: 4m sea-level change after 8.3 rocks central Chile. The Pacific Tsunami Warning center says that tsunami waves may impact Hawaii as early as 3:06 am local time, stating that “this earthquake that could be destructive on coastal areas even far from the epicenter.”

Japan flooded by Typhoon Etau

Photo courtesy: REUTERS/Kyodo
Photo courtesy: REUTERS/Kyodo

Residents are seen as they wait for rescue helicopters at a residential area flooded by the Kinugawa river, caused by typhoon Etau, in Joso, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo September 10, 2015.



Photo credit: REUTERS/Kyodo
Photo credit: REUTERS/Kyodo

A resident is rescued by a rescue helicopter.