Convergence airs every Saturday, 8 in the evening!



The longest running IT show in the Philippines

For 16 years and counting, Convergence reigns as the premier IT show in the Philippines! Convergence brings you the latest news intechnology both here in the Philippines and abroad!

Convergence brings people, trends and technology together,catering not only to the needs of the hardcoretechie but the casual consumer as well. The show featuresthe week’s best apps, gadgets and budget buys! It also givesa peek on the gadgets that well-known celebrities use.

Old favourites like Game Time, Webwatch and Tech Buzz updatesviewers with the latest buzz on all things techie as wellas game previews and reviews and the newest websites!

Hosted byKyleNofuente, Convergence also helps tech enthusiastsimprove geek speak, get exclusive interviews fromthe movers and shakers of the tech scene and eventroubleshoot simple to advanced tech problems!


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