Four new Guinness world records were set by the Iglesia Ni Cristo as four Guinness adjudicators declared that the religious organization was once again “officially amazing” on Friday, April 29, as it concluded its historic “Aid to Humanity” in Tondo, Manila.

Amid a chorus of claps and cheers, the four Guinness adjudicators declared that the INC had set four more Guinness world records that day – an amazing feat by itself. This means that the INC now has 18 Guinness world records in all.

4 guinness records of INCThe four new world records were for the largest collection of clothes for recycle/donation, the most shoes donated to charity in 24 hours, the most medical ultrasound examinations in eight hours, and the most medical risk assessment in eight hours.

The announcements were made inside the INC house of worship in Tondo, Manila. Read more:

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