Sa Ganang Mamamayan

Giving voice to ordinary citizens

The pulse of the people.

“Sa Ganang Mamamayan” gives  the limelight to the voices and feelings of ordinary citizens and where they stand on the major issues faced by the Filipino society today.

With  “Sa Ganang Mamamayan”,  you  can  never  go  wrong  as  it goes straight to the relevant government agencies and offices as well as other pertinent authorities in tackling the significant issues that beset the country and impacts on the lives of majority of ordinary folks.

No issue is off limit,  from Presidential appointments to  the price of basic goods, from proposed laws to the raising of the minimum  wage  as well as topics about national health services, social welfare, even the state of traffic and transportation, “Sa Ganang Mamamayan” gives the ordinary citizen a forum – an on-air platform  to share their opinions, grievances, comments and our hosts will make sure that the government hears them.

True to its title, “Sa Ganang Mamamayan” hears the opinion and views of the ordinary citizens with its segments “Boses ng Masa” and “Vox Populi”.

The program also does public service thru its segment,  “Anunsyo Publiko”.

Hosted by the formidable duo of Atty. Dante Marcoleta – a former member  of  the  Congress and veteran  host  and  commentator  Gen   Subardiaga,  “Sa Ganang Mamamayan”  gives  a  credible examination of the government policies and their implications to the growing social consciousness of the Filipino.

“Sa Ganang Mamamayan” airs every Monday  to Friday, 8 to 9 in the morning.

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