QUEZON City, Philippines – In acknowledging the vital part that the mass media plays in the fight against climate change and its detrimental effects, Eagle Broadcasting Corporation renews its agreement with the Climate Change Commission.
In a signing of a memorandum of understanding, EBC, represented by its President, Mr. Jorge A. Cabacungan and its Corporate Secretary, Atty. Citedina U. Magno-Zarate agrees to co-produce and air “Klima ng Pagbabago” with the Climate Change Commission, represented by Sec. Mary Ann Lucille L. Sering.
“Klima ng Pagbabago” is the premiere program dedicated to the issue of climate change and aims to impart needed awareness and knowledge to the Filipino citizens as well as empowering them so that they can do their part in the fight against the all-encompassing effect of said worldwide phenomenon.
The new season of “Klima ng Pagbabago” will feature more exciting and doable ways to cope with climate change as well as show us how our brethren from all over the archipelago handle the effects brought about by climate change.
With this MOU also comes the renewal of EBC’s commitment to be the instrument and medium of positive change for the Filipino people towards a sustainable future.
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