Adventure abounds in Subic



QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, June 24) – Long been a favorite travel destination by many, Subic in Zambales, is only a few hours drive away from Metro Manila.

It continues its onward march towards and development and may soon be promoted from a first-class municipality to a component city of the province of Zambales.

The former site of a United States naval base, there are many leftovers from said era, like their different traffic rules and regulations.

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One of the reasons why Subic is thriving is the income from its tourism industry. Many visitors come all year round to experience the many adventure that could be found in this place.

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Zambales is home to many native Aetas and Subic is no exemption. One can experience the tribal lifestyle and learn how to survive in the wild, using bamboo for cooking and eating as well as a source of water.

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Subic is also popular for giving wildlife enthusiasts the opportunity to interact with various kinds of animals like snakes, tigers and eagles.

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Finally, end your Subic adventure with a splash! Subic offers the opportunity to play with friendly sea mammals like dolphins.

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Finally, end your Subic adventure with a splash! Subic offers the opportunity to play with friendly sea mammals like dolphins.



Truly, adventures abound in Subic.

(ENS, written by Jay Paul Carlos, photos by Landmarks)

Clark, Pampanga – Dinosaurs and hot air balloons!



QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, August 12) – Formerly an American military facility, used by its Air Force until 1991, the Clark Air Base is known for its illustrious history, serving as the stronghold of the combined Filipino and American forces during World War II. Now, it is an important economic and tourism site in Pampanga, contributing greatly to the province’s economy.



The Clark Air Base is now full of exciting sights, guaranteed to satisfy visitors looking not only for a thrill but also for a chance to take in beautiful and tranquil surroundings.

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Some of the attractions of the Clark Air Base include a park dedicated to the prehistoric world with its many dinosaur sculptures. There is also a zoo where one can commune with exotic birds and desert creatures like camels.

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But one of the major highlights of Clark Air Base occurs only once a year. It is the famous hot air balloon festival that draws lots of visitors, not only from around the Philippines but from different countries as well.

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Thousands flock in the open field even before the sun rises, braving the pre-dawn chill. And it is worth it, as one is greeted with the magnificent sight of hot air balloons, rising up with the sun as it rises in the east.



As they majestically float away, one wishes that they also take away our worries and fears and like our hopes and dreams, soar high in the open skies.


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(ENS, written by Jay Paul Carlos, with additional research of Lovely Ann Cruz)

Fancy footwear and nature-tripping in Liliw, Laguna


QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, August 12) – It was said that the town of Liliw got its name from a beautiful bird that sings “Liw, liw, liw”. Liliw is a fourth-class municipality in Laguna and although it may be located in the sleepy foothills of Mount Banahaw, many still find it worthwhile to visit.

The long journey to get there may make you hungry. Good thing that there are many places to dine in Liliw and you should take time to sample the food. Liliw is known for its handmade local delicacies, making use of traditional methods passed down through the generations.

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But what makes the name of Liliw resound, not only in Laguna but in the rest of the Philippines as well, is its hand-made footwear. Fancy and made from indigenous materials, the shoes made from Liliw has even gained international recognition for its colorful and intricate designs.


In a province known for its hot springs, Liliw stands out for being famous for its cold-water springs. The pristine, crystalline water invites one to take the plunge and be refreshed after taking in nature’s serenity.




(ENS, written by Jay Paul Carlos, with additional research of Lovely Ann Cruz)