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KlimaKlima Ng Pagbabago

The winds of hope in adaptation

When super-typhoon “Yolanda”  (Haiyan) hit the Philippines, the whole world began to take climate change seriously. Sadly, not enough is done to address this pressing issue.

Climate change also means that we should change our thinking and lifestyle. In partnership with the Climate Change Commission, Eagle Broadcasting Corporation  – through its television arm, NET 25 – brings  “Klima Ng Pagbabago”.

“Klima Ng Pagbabago” aims to educate viewers in the harsh realities of climate change and brings the winds of hope in the adaptation necessitated by the changing environment.

“Klima Ng Pagbabago” is hosted by Climate Change Commission’s very own Secretary Lucille L. Sering, an environmental education advocate.

Klima ng Pagbabago airs every Monday evening at 8 to 9 and Saturdays 12 pm to 1 pm



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