Balancing knowledge towards unity.

Every issue has many sides, many differing point-of-views. After all,democracy is a marketplace of ideas and comes with it the freedomto air views and opinions.

No   matter   the  differing  views  and  opinions,  at  the end  of  theday, everyone must stand united and choose a wise course of action.

This is where NET 25’s public service program andtalk show, “Diskusyon” comes in.

While  the  media  is  the watchdog of the society, NET 25 recognizesthe  need  for  a  TV program that unifies. Diskusyon aims for balanceand  make sure that the viewers’ outlook is shaped by presenting thevarying opinions of a particular issue.

Hosted  by  veteran  news anchor, Ely Saludar, Diskusyon makes surethat every angle will be discussed, clarified and examined so that theviewers may have a balanced view as well as an informed opinion.

After all, to achieve unity, we must first have balance and knowledge.

Diskusyon airs every Friday, 8 to 9 in the evening.

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