Word Hub

Word Hub

Values in languange learning

Language learning and values education should start as early as possible.

This makes kids interact properly and peacefully with the rest of the society and grow up as valuable citizens of the country.

“Word Hub” applies tried-and-tested strategies so that its young viewers will have an enjoyable 30 minutes of learning all about language and values with our Word Hub gang!

Meet the puppet friends: Art, Melt, Joey and PJ as they interact with different people every episode. The four puppets represent different aspects of language which determines their personality.  Every episode, they encounter new people and situation and learn and grow.

Joining puppet friends are our kuya’s and ate’s:  DJ, Justin, Bettina and Kendrick. Each represents different aspect of intelligence which allows them to teach and help the young puppets.

Who would have thought that learning language and values will be so much fun?

Word Hub airs every Sunday, 8 to 9:30 in the morning!

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