Encouraging. Bold. Candid.

 Meaningful commentaries about the latest and most significant issues affecting the ordinary citizen – that’s just one of the aims of NET25’s Current Affairs programs. From public service to a fresh take on what’s happening in the country and around the globe, NET25’s Current Affairs programs ensure that audiences are armed with what they need as they navigate the challenging pressures of the modern society!

Current Affairs showcase the following presentations:

  • Aprub
  • Bits And Pieces
  • Convergence
  • Diskusyon
  • Klima ng Pagbabago
  • Landmarks
  • Liwanagin Natin
  • Masayang Umaga Po
  • Patakaran
  • Pep News
  • Piskante ng Bayan
  • Responde
  • Sa Ganang Mamamayan
  • The Break Room
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